Thursday, February 4, 2021

Tragic Fire in Mantorville


 Thursday morning around 6:30am a fire broke out in the apartment complex in Mantorville located at 507 Chestnut Street, The Sheriff's office was first on scene and were able to get several residents out of the structure. Mantorville Fire Department responded at 6:45am and quickly called in mutual aid. Departments from Byron, Dodge Center, Kasson and Mantorville were on scene working to control the fire and limit loss of life. Unfortunately,  the fire has claimed at least one life and sent others to the hospital. The apartment complex which had 12 units sustained substantial damage and the Fire Marshall is due on scene later today.

The City is reaching out to anyone affected by this tragic fire. The city will be working with state organizations to help anyone that needs housing assistance. Anyone needing assistance can contact City Hall at  (507) 635 - 5170 or email me at MantorvilleMayor@GMail.Com.

Our community has always been an open and caring community and in times like this we reach out to help our neighbors. If you would like to offer assistance or if you need assistance please reach out to the City or myself. Some additional help resources are:

For the more information on this situation refer to the news links below:

I wanted to acknowledge the efforts of the Dodge County Sheriff's office, Kasson Police Department, Dodge Center Ambulance, Kasson Fire Department, Byron Fire Department, Dodge Center Fire Department and our own Mantorville First Responders and Fire Departments. The combined efforts of these brave men and women helped limit the loss of life. I also wanted to thank everyone that offered our responders coffee, pizza or a warm place to recover. I would like to also recognize the Kasson Mantorville School district for making a school bus available as a warming shelter for those residents which were displaced by the fire.

The families which have been affected by this tragic fire will be in our hearts and prays in the following days and weeks. Please join me in saying a prayer and offering to help those in our community which are suffering.

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