Monday, November 24, 2014

Council Member Ballard to retire

Council member Ballard  decided not to seek reelection for 2015. Barb has been on the council for two years and has been very passionate and diligent in her duties to the council. Her energy and commitment to the city will be missed in the council chambers.

Thanks you Barb for your energy, passion and determined spirit.
I have attached a copy of the certificate of appreciation I gave to Barb tonight at our council meeting. The entire council and myself signed the certificate for Barb.

Jim Maxson Resigns

Council Member Jim Maxson has resigned from his newly elected position for next year. Jim ran unopposed this year; however, situations have come up that Jim feels require his attention away from the council chambers. Jim has been a solid contributor and will be missed on the council. I presented a certificate of appreciation to Jim tonight at our council meeting and I have attached a copy of that recognition below. Please make sure to thank Jim if you run into him around town. Jim will be working as a liaison for the city to help us get information out to our citizens and solicit information and concerns from our citizens.

Thank you again Jim!
The entire council and myself signed the certificate above.

Happy Thanksgiving

                                                       November 24, 2014

I am a member of a Toastmasters group. Recently in one of our meeting the topic for the day was, “What are you thankful for?” This was suppose to be an impromptu question that each person was expected to respond to within a 2 minute time frame. One person got up and said I don’t really have anything I'm thankful for. I expected them to tell us about some resent tragedy or some other horrible event in their lives. No, this person went on to say their live is very ordinary and not really anything to be thankful for. I reflected on their comments for a period of time and I thought there are at least a dozen things this person should be thankful for, I know I have at least that many!

We live in the land of the free because of the brave! I am thankful for all my fellow countrymen that have volunteered in our armed services. We are one of the few counties in the world were military service is voluntary and yet we have one of the strongest militaries on the planet. I am thankful for all of our men and women that have served or are currently serving in the defense of our freedom!

When Abby and I were first married we were so happy together and that happiness grew through out the years. I didn't think we could be any more happy than we were; then, Spencer our son came into our lives and I am so thankful and happy that we were blessed with this gift!

I am thankful for the freedoms that were fought so hard for that each one of us enjoy simply by living in this nation. One of the most cherished freedoms we have is the freedom to worship as we see fit. I am grateful to God not only for the blessing we each have in our personal lives, but the blessings we have as a nation and a state.

On November 4 of this year my neighbors asked me to serve as your Mayor again for two more years. I am so grateful to all of my friends and neighbors for your continued support and trust in my leadership. Thank you.

Finally, I am so grateful for all the friends and family that have chosen to share their lives and experiences with Abby, Spencer and myself their support and friendship are so very important to me!

As we gather this week with our family and friends I challenge each one of us to look for that someone or something we are grateful for that has made a large impact in our lives and one that we often just assume will always be there. Often the things that are truly the most important to us are the people that we forget to say “Thank You” to and to remember when we are giving thanks this time of year.

Let me conclude by saying a special thank you again to of all brave men and women in the armed services. We owe each of you a debt that can never be repaid, nor words express enough our gratitude and respect that we all have for each of you. I know I can never say nor do enough to thank you for your service so let me simply just say “THANK YOU, and God Bless!” May God watch over you and protect you and bring you home safely!

Yours in service,


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happy Veterans Day

Thank you to everyone that voted last Tuesday I appreciate your continued support and confidence in my leadership. I also wanted to thank Don Swanson for his willingness to serve and run for Mantorville's Mayor. I also wanted to thank everyone that took the time to cast your vote, with out your participation, free elections do not work. Last Tuesday we engaged in a very special process that is very unique in the history of man, the process that allows the governed the ability to have a voice in whom is allowed to preform the task of governing. Speaking of free elections, we are celebrating veterans day this week.

I was recently corrected when I wished someone a happy veterans day. They asked me why I would say happy veterans day. I responded because I am happy that we live in a country that inspires such dedication that we are able to fully staff our military with volunteers. I am happy that because of our veterans, our children will grow up in a free nation and I am happy because it is the veteran that has given us the freedom to live our lives as we see fit. I am happy and honored that our great nation is blessed with such patriots as our veterans. This veterans day and ,every day, keep our brave men and women in your thoughts and prayers. We honor our brave veterans on this special day and please remember to take all the veterans in your life and pray for our brave men and women who are still in harms way to return safely to the family and loved ones. To all of our friends, relatives and neighbors that are serving, have served or are getting ready to serve, THANK YOU and God Bless!

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville