Monday, August 28, 2017

State wide Mayors attending the Rededication ceremony

In the above two photos we can see the Mayors from around the State that were able to be a part of the Capitol Building re-dedication celebration. The second image shows off the amazing stone work that was preformed to give our "Peoples House" a much needed facelift.

Fall is coming

August 28, 2017
Time to celebrate:
September is approaching fast. The fall season bring many anticipated events. Our students’ head back to school, next Monday we celebrate the official end of summer and of course we can’t forget our own famous Marigold Days. Once again the Mantorville Economic Development Authority has made its selection for the recipient of this year’s Mantorville GEM award. This award is given to someone who has gone above and beyond to serve the people of Mantorville. Each year we recognize those that have departed this earth but their dedication and volunteerism is still felt as the first category, and we also recognize those individuals that are still making a difference. I always look forward to this presentation and I hope many of you are able to come down to be a part of this recognition and celebration. Once again we are going to have events for all age groups from Teddy Bear parades for our youngest citizens to the Fire department dance for those a little older. Please plan to make this year’s Marigold Days part of your weekend.

I was invited to be an official part of the
re-dedication of our State Capitol building.
The State has recently completed a four year renovation project, where structural, functional and aesthetic properties were all addressed and repaired. Both Sen. Dave Senjem and Sen. Carla Nelson were part of the committee that over-saw the planning and execution of this project and both were present for the ceremony. I have a picture of the beautifully restored capitol building’s marble work that I have uploaded to my blog on the right. You can see in this photo the level of detail and dedication that was applied to restore our Capitol to its former glory.

Fifth Street:
The City has addressed a few of the worst spots on Fifth Street. There is additional work to do on this street and there are plans for the next few years on how best to address those long-term issues. The City did address some severe issues on Fifth Street close to Highway 57. We had a section of the road patched as a stop gap until the full reconstruction can occur. Since we are looking at a full reconstruction on Fifth Street, the City did not perform extensive repairs to the rest of the road. The City also does a street survey periodically and we prioritize roads that need attention and in which order those roads needing attention should be scheduled. The selection criteria that helps determine priority is the current condition of the road, weather or not timely maintenance will prevent more long term deterioration, traffic levels and any adjacent infrastructure plans that can be scheduled at the same time. The process of prioritizing roadwork with adjacent infrastructure projects allows the City to get the best value for our citizen’s tax dollars.

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville