Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back to School

Soon our students will be going back to school. There is construction going on at the High School and there will be additional traffic turning on to and off of Mantorville Ave. Please slow down and pay extra attention.

City Council Compensation

A recent email tread from the Minnesota Mayors group was exploring council compensation levels. I was a little surprised at some of the numbers that different Mayors presented about the Mayor and Council member compensation levels. Simply for comparison sake I wanted to present just some of the responses I saw in this thread.

 City Name    Mayor   Council Per Meeting 
St. Joseph$524$314$35


Council Monthly Compensation Levels

The Mantorville City Council receive $1800 per year and $2000/year for the Mayor. Meetings do not have a stipend for attendance. Since I am not allowed to "Just not accept" my compensation I have normally donated it back to one of our sub groups, the City or one of the 401c3 in town such as the MRA.

Trails Update

The City and the Dodge County Trails Association has had some recent success. While the township continues to drag their feet on trail access, we have had some additional areas of success. The Dodge County Trails Association will be restarting our regular meeting and are currently looking for new members. Those interested can contact City Hall or myself.

Fifth Street Update

Quick update on fifth street. The City is still planning a "phase two" project on fifth street this fall. This project will include a pedestrian pathway from Bergmann Park down to Riverside Park.

AT&T Antennas up and running

A few weeks ago the City Engineer, City Staff and myself had an opportunity to check on the installation of the new antenna equipment on our water tower. The new antennas are now operational and serving not only the residents of Mantorville, but also the area around the City. This partnership between AT&T and the City helps AT&T provide better service, helps the Citizens of Mantorville will choice in cell providers and helps the City with non-tax based revenue from rent payments.
Panoramic View after AT&T Equipment Install

Kiosks in place in Riverside Park

The new Kiosks have been installed in Riverside Park. These new educational signs teach about land and water stewardship and bring about new awareness of recreational opportunities across the water shed region.

Ninth Strret Stop Signs

The City Council has been looking at speed and safety issues on 9th street The City Engineer has shared some Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) studies that show that speed tends to be an issue on streets that drivers feel have excessive stop signs. So as phase one of our attempt to address some of the speed issues the City will be working with the County to reduce the number of stops going down ninth street. Please pay attentions as these changes occur until everyone can get adjusted to the new traffic patterns.