Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Amazon Quick Hack

 With all the challenges of 2020 and the first part of 2021 many of us have utilized online merchants for medical supplies. Since medical supplies are tax deductible it is very helpful to have a full list of the things you bought. I recently found a hidden Amazon feature that will supply your purchase history report. To get to this report you can follow this link Order Report or follow these steps.

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Click on your name
  3. This should take you to the accounts page
  4. Look for the box labeled "Orders and Shopping Preferences"
  5. Click the "Download Order Report" link
  6. Enter the Date range in the form that comes up
  7. Open with Open Office or Excel

This took me a little R&D to find so I wanted to shre the link to help others out, good luck.


Monday, March 8, 2021

City Clerk Resigns

March 8, 2021

The City of Mantorville is in the process of interviewing for an open "City Clerk's" position. Cami Reber is stepping down after 17 years with the City of Mantorville. Cami has been a faithful servant for our community and has served with several mayors now. Cami has a passion for her job that is hard to find these days and she will be greatly missed! I wish Cami the best of luck in her new position and I know she will do a fantastic job for Byron. Cami is willing to work through the transition process and serve as a resource for the city as the need arises.

Good luck Cami and Thanks for a great 17 years!

Chuck Bradford
Mayor, City of Mantorville

Council at Full Strength

 March 8, 2021

The appointment for the two open seats were filled tonight. The appointment process first was a secret ballot where all three candidates (Bill Kinney, Kent Keller and Jeff Ingalls) received 2 votes. In situations like this any "game of chance" or "form of lottery" is allowed. After an extensive search for straws and coins a quarter was secured. The coin was flipped and each candidate called heads or tails while the coin was in the air. This took three rounds and finally Bill Kinney and Kent Keller won the toss and were appointed to fill the two open seats. I want to thank Jeff, Bill and Kent for their willingness to serve our community. I asked Jeff Ingalls if he would be willing to serve on the EDA because we have an open seat on that body as well. Jeff said he would be willing to serve the community this way.

I wanted to thank Don Hofstad and Henry Blair who set the record straight during our meeting tonight  regarding a recent letter to the editor. I also wanted to thank everyone that approached me tonight and shared comments of support and appreciation for the hard work the council and I have performed. I know my community knows the truth and I appreciate your support.

Congratulations Kent and Bill, I know each of you will bring new insight and passion to our council and our community.

Council Member Davern Resigns

 During the City Council meeting on Feb 22, 2021 Sharon Davern verbally announced her resignation from the council and left the meeting. Sharon followed up with a written resignation letter to the City on March 4, 2021. The City will move forward with appointments for Sharons seat in accordance with the City's ordinances.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Tragic Weekend for Mantorville

 This last week Mantorville has experienced a tragic fire which resulted in the loss of life. The structure needed an additional fire call this weekend. The City is still working with relief organizations to support our residents immediate needs.

 The City Council also lost it's Deputy Mayor this last weekend. Luke Nash passed away over the weekend. Luke was a veteran, a former Dodge County Sheriff, former mayor of Mantorville, small business owner, community servant and loving husband and father. The City Council will miss his dedication, perspective and passion for our community. Please keep the Nash family in your prayers as they work through this very difficult time.

Because of the loss of our council member and the tragic fire in town, I have ordered the city and state flags lowered to half mass in honor of those lives which have been lost and those affected by these tragic events.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Tragic Fire in Mantorville


 Thursday morning around 6:30am a fire broke out in the apartment complex in Mantorville located at 507 Chestnut Street, The Sheriff's office was first on scene and were able to get several residents out of the structure. Mantorville Fire Department responded at 6:45am and quickly called in mutual aid. Departments from Byron, Dodge Center, Kasson and Mantorville were on scene working to control the fire and limit loss of life. Unfortunately,  the fire has claimed at least one life and sent others to the hospital. The apartment complex which had 12 units sustained substantial damage and the Fire Marshall is due on scene later today.

The City is reaching out to anyone affected by this tragic fire. The city will be working with state organizations to help anyone that needs housing assistance. Anyone needing assistance can contact City Hall at  (507) 635 - 5170 or email me at MantorvilleMayor@GMail.Com.

Our community has always been an open and caring community and in times like this we reach out to help our neighbors. If you would like to offer assistance or if you need assistance please reach out to the City or myself. Some additional help resources are:

For the more information on this situation refer to the news links below:

I wanted to acknowledge the efforts of the Dodge County Sheriff's office, Kasson Police Department, Dodge Center Ambulance, Kasson Fire Department, Byron Fire Department, Dodge Center Fire Department and our own Mantorville First Responders and Fire Departments. The combined efforts of these brave men and women helped limit the loss of life. I also wanted to thank everyone that offered our responders coffee, pizza or a warm place to recover. I would like to also recognize the Kasson Mantorville School district for making a school bus available as a warming shelter for those residents which were displaced by the fire.

The families which have been affected by this tragic fire will be in our hearts and prays in the following days and weeks. Please join me in saying a prayer and offering to help those in our community which are suffering.

Sunday, January 31, 2021


2021 State of the City, Mantorville Minnesota

Last year I started my State of the City with “Twenty-Nineteen is finally over and most of you are probably saying hooray”, little did we know what 2020 had in store for us. I attended the Chambers 2019 annual dinner (we canceled the 2020 meeting) and since that year was so challenging, I was asked to share something good about 2019. Mantorville saw historic flooding, wind damage and large hail damage, personally I had some challenges as well. When it came to my turn I said that my initial reaction to what was good about 2019 was that it was over! I then went on to say that if I had left my answer like that it would have been short sighted. With the Flooding the high winds and record-setting hail damage what I saw each time was our community coming together and neighbors helping neighbors. In my personal challenges too I have seen the true strength of a community like Mantorville with so many offers of help, support and prayers. Thank you one and all for everything you helped out with and the great offers of support, those have meant a great deal to my family.

The new year of 2020 brought hope and then almost immediately we were hit by both a pandemic and a heavy handed response to that virus that closed small businesses (some permanently) while the big box stores were exempted. We saw our neighbors struggling to save their small businesses while others lost their jobs outright because of the Governor's mandates. Just like in 2019, our community rallied together, offered help and support where they could and the City and EDA followed suit. The City offered deferments on water bills, the EDA obtained grant dollars to help our local community, the Fire Department had several programs to offer help and I had several correspondences with the Governors office regarding the impact of his emergency declarations. In one of those correspondences, I asked the Governor to consider pushing school decisions down to the local school board. Many other Mayors wrote similar letters and when the school impact was announced, the local advisory board approach was the one brought forward. I was asked to serve on the KM Advisory board and I agreed. The Advisory board has had several meetings and have been able to make decisions based on real data for our school environment. The ability for us to make these decisions at the local level has been instrumental in retaining our schools focus on quality education.

Continued effort of Investment

The city was able to continue working the street improvement plan, we had a record number of new building permits and were able to support those building efforts with infrastructure investments. The city is moving forward with a planning committee on the execution of the hiway 57 upgrade as it runs through Mantorville. The City started upgrades to our phone system and office space which will be completed in 2021. The city retired some older equipment as it reached it's end of life and has secured replacements to ensure uninterrupted service for our citizens.

The EDA secured a CEDA person to help write grants. We received the latest award letter of $5K from the SMIF grant in September and look forward to additional awards this year as well.

Commitment to Lower Taxes

The City is allowed to charge up to 1% of the taxable market value of a home. If the City were to charge the entire 1%, our “advertised levy rate” would be “100%” of that 1%. In other words a house with a taxable market value of  $100,000 would be tax by the City in the amount of $1,000. Over the last few years the City has either raised the levy by a small amount like 3% or held even with a 0% levy. Thanks to the City council and our committee chairs we were able to do something very few governing bodies ever do, lower the rate at which we tax our citizens. In fact, our rate for 2014 is lower than our rate for any of the last three years. The City has passed a “1%” levy DECREASE that sets our rate at almost halfs of the max the City is allowed or a dollar value of $530,034. In order to put this figure in perspective, I have included a table below that illustrates the tax levy amounts and levy rates. The table below breaks the tax levy down to cost per citizen.

Commitment to Service

Last year one of our Public Works employee was recognized. Mantorville's Joe Adams has been recognized for his hard work, dedication and attention to details. Joe was awarded the "State of MN Wastewater Operator Association Class D Award winner of the year". Great Job Joe, keep up the awesome work!

The office staff utilized masks and kept a presence in the office serving our citizens as the need came up in stead of closing shop.

Our public works staff worked on our meter replacement project and continued to work their daily plan ensuring the Mantorville's needs were meet through out the summer and now into the winter.

Plans for 2021-2022
  • Continued commitment to maintaining a low tax burden for Mantorville citizens.

  • Work on infrastructure projects to improve the look and appearance of the City and parks.

  • Increase efforts on infrastructure repair and upgrades now that the waste water project is complete

  • Work with MNDOT on HWY 57 project to bury electrical lines, upgrade lighting and improve sidewalks

  • Continue to serve on the KM School's COVID advisory committee

  • Help our businesses transition from “survival mode” to “prosper mode” during the COVID challenge

  • Continue work to offer more “Mantorville Care” grant funds to local businesses

  • Continue work with joint venture group to achieve cost sharing with Kasson and the School District

Our community rose to the challenge of 2020. Now, with last year behind us I am looking forward to 2021 and the many new promises it brings. The State of our City is strong and we will only continue to improve.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford

Mayor, City of Mantorville

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Dodge County offering Grants

 Mantorville businesses and non-profits may qualify for a grant offering from the county.

See the attached for details

Monday, January 11, 2021

Laura Qualey works for CEDA and has been assigned to Mantorville to work with our EDA. Laura sent out the following email to Mantorville Business owners. Any business owner interested in having a discussion with Laura should reach out to her and setup a time. This is a great resource we are offering our business community free of charge.


Good morning, Mantorville!

Needless to say, 2020 was a tough year for all of you and on behalf of the Mantorville EDA, I wanted to extend an invitation to all of you business owners for some free business coaching from me! This can be anything from talking about social media, marketing/advertising, to reviewing your current business model and identifying ways to make your business/organization run smoother or more efficiently. 

My usual day in Mantorville is Tuesday every week, so if you're interested in meeting virtually, or in person (masked of course and appropriately distanced), I'd love to have the opportunity to do so.  Please reach out to me so we can get something scheduled. 

After meeting with as many of you as possible, I'd like to be able to determine some trainings or webinars that would be impactful for your business and the community!

Hope you are all staying healthy in the new year!


Laura Qualey
Community & Business Development Specialist
Community and Economic Development Associates

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Hubble House Awarded "Best Restaurant"

 Two television stations have recently covered our local Hubble House and recognized them as one of the best restaurants. The links to the two news articles are located below. Congratulations to our local business the Hubble House.

Thank you Terry for sharing the links to the Articles:


  1. KSTP Video     


  1. KTTC – 24 restaurants in Rochester and the Rochester area were nominated for Best Restaurant.  The Hubbell House was the Winner.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

State of Hockey, Mantorville Division

 Minnesota is know as the "State of Hockey". What is a "State of Hockey" without a rink?

The 2021 "All City Skating Rink" is now open in Mantorville. Enjoy our beautiful blue skating rink.

Mantorville Aerial Rink Photo

Blue Ice Rink