Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

In 1814 Fort McHenry was relentlessly bombarded by the British. The pounding was so sever that
according to quote on The Smithsonian's web site that has been attributed to Francis Scott Key, the author of the Star Spangled Banner "It seemed as though mother earth had opened and was vomiting shot and shell in a sheet of fire and brimstone,". The attack lasted so long and was so intense that no one expected the Americans to survive. When dawn finally broke the American flag did still fly over the fort. The British had not taken the fort and the determination of the Amneri9can soldier was reveled to be unwavering. What Keys did not know at them time when he wrote the poem that later became our National Anthem was that several times during the night the flag pole had been struck and fallen and each time another man would venture fourth, right our flag and more often than not meet their own fate. It is this legacy that we celebrate each year on the fourth of July. While this battle took place in September, many believe this to be a critical turning point in the war. This year when you see those rockets bursting in air during the fireworks display, remember what those bright colors and loud booms truly represent. For all the patriots that have continued on in the Tradition of Fort McHenry and placed themselves in harms way to be vigilant for all of our freedoms, THANK YOU! Know that for you, our faithful defenders, that with each burst in the sky this fourth of July that we are thinking of you.

Another Successful Stagecoach Days

June 26, 2017
Stagecoach Days
This past weekend we had another successful Stagecoach days. I have posted some pictures on my blog of the activities in our community this past weekend. I wanted to thank all our volunteers, vendors, craftsmen, artist and participants for helping pull this years event together.

Waste Water Project:
The line along 615th Street has been installed and the terrane roughly restored. The installed line continues Northward on the West side of Highway 57. The line has been installed up to the south side of County Road 12. Directional drilling under Highway 57 and under the river started last week and continues this week. Once all the pipe is in the ground, the line will be pressure tested with a pneumatic bleed down test in sections. When the entire line passes the leak down test, the project can transition to installation of pumps in Mantorville; the completion of the reception system in Kasson; and finally, when both cities are ready and the MPCA has cleared the projects, the City of Mantorville can start pumping to Kasson. The City of Mantorville will then have a decommissioning project to conduct at the current Waste Water Treatment Plant. The decommissioning project will be a separate project from any renovation work to re-purpose the current building. The City is still expecting a connection in August, look for additional updates on my blog and in future articles.

No Cliff Diving!:
Reminder, the City will be installing no trespassing signs along the top of the cliff trail and the Sheriff's office has been informed to enforce the no trespassing rule. Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to jump off or attempt to jump off the cliffs adjacent to Riverside Park. Violators will be cited and fined!

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Thank you for a great Stagecoach Days

The weather for this years Stagecoach Days was pleasant and sunny. There was a rubber duck race for the kids as well as a Teddy Bear picnic. On Sunday the annual tractor pull was held. I wanted to thank all the vendors, craftsmen, artist, participants and visitors who made this event a great success. I wanted to post some pictures of the events that were available during this years event.

Big News!

The City has received some preliminary good news. While the exact numbers are still in flux, it does indeed look like the City will receive some assistance on the Waste Water Treatment Project. The City should hear final numbers in a few weeks and I will definitely post another entry with exact numbers as soon as the grants have been finalized by the State.

Waste Water Treatment Project

The connection between Mantorville and Kasson is progressing on schedule for a August completion date. The crew has been able to install over a 1000 feet of sewer pipe so far. This past week the crew was able to bore under the river and then start working on getting under highway 57. The City of Mantorville has commissioned a report to begin the decommissioning project for our current waste water treatment plant.

No Solar Power

I have been asked a few times about the solar farms that are spouting up around the area and if the City if Mantorville is taking part in these projects. The City was approached last year about joining as a partner in a regional solar farm. While the pitch did sound convincing after some questions regarding exact logistics it became apparent that this project was not a good fit for the citizens of Mantorville. The City needed to buy in for a certain amount of power on an annual basis, if the City was able to reduce our power requirements we were not allowed to resell the unused power. The return on Investment was approximately the life span of the project and in reality probably locked the City out of any project with a more efficient technology that may be available in only a few years. The short answer here is that the City of Mantorville has chosen to not participate in any of the regional solar farms that are popping up around our area.