Monday, July 31, 2017

Water Tower Inspection

The City crew noticed that some water was over-flowing from the tower when the pumps were stuck on. When the crew talked to our engineer, Tim wanted to go up and inspect the down tube to check if there were any obstructions. After inspecting the Water Tower, no obstructions were noticed. I took the opportunity to click a few choice pictures from atop of the water tower and I wanted to share a few of these with our neighbors.
Baseball Diamond south of the Water Tower
Sunrise over the City of Mantorville

Where has all the water gone? Long time passing...

July 31, 2017
River Level
There are many theories floating around as to what happened to the river last week. While the construction crew was drilling under the river, they made a hole in the bottom of the river and all the water leaked out. Well that is one theory that I have heard that somehow does not hold the mustard. Another train of though is that the City had lowered the river level so that our younger citizens could see for themselves what dangers lies under the surface. Those that believe this is the reason should go with that and stop reading this section. Another good theory is that there were some trees that the City crew cut flush with the river surface during the winter and these needed to be removed before next winter. This is also a valid theory since our crew were actually able to accomplish this work while the river level was down. Some on social media have gone as far to theorize that since all water is going to go to Kasson now that the river has been diverted there. Ummm nope! Ok, Chuck, enough with the conspiracy theories what is going on? The City crew lowered the river level so that the dam can be inspected. There was some known damage and we wanted to inspect the dam. The DNR also took this opportunity to inspect our dam. The City and the DNR are discussing the bet plans for repairs on the dam and since any work we will preform will need to be permitted though the DNR, the river level was returned to the normal level while these discussions take place  The City will work with the DNR and our City Engineer to determine the best course of action for repairs and then lower the river again to preform the work.

Waste Water Treatment Project
The connection between Mantorville and Kasson is progressing on schedule for an August completion date. Many of you have noticed that the driveway at Casey's was dug up last week. The City is working on adding new sewer connections to some of the RV sites while the line is run to the existing treatment plant. The work of making connections to the RV sites combined with the subterranean topography was contraindicate of directional drilling. The next stage of construction will require the City of Mantorville and the City of Kasson to be in close communication. The two cities will work with the MPCA for final ok for additional capacity and the actual commencement of flow from Mantorville.

National Night out
Once again the City had hosted a National Nigh Out celebration. This year the State Legislature has changed the law so that the City can spend City money on the celebration. In the past we have utilized our non-profit organizations to help fund raise for the event. Now the City can actually preform the fund raising activity. We truly appreciate all the donations and the volunteers that have continued to help with our celebration. This is always a great opportunity for our citizens to spend some time to get to know each other as well as for our City officials to listen to concerns from our residents. I wanted to thank everyone that made our City's celebration part of there Tuesday night.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville