Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

 June 25, 2016

We are approaching the fourth of July, I hope everyone celebrates our independence and remember the ultimate price that has already been paid for us each to enjoy our liberties and freedoms we have today. We saw Britain also assert it's own freedom this past week and voted to leave the European Union. We congratulate the people of Britain for their bold and unprecedented decision.

The Mantorville Economic Development Authority (EDA) has two additional opening for EDA commissioners. Those interested in helping with tourism, bike trails or promoting businesses within our community are encouraged to fill out an application at City Hall.

The Stage Coach Days committee is looking for people interested in helping out with next years planning and execution for the 2017 event. This event has really taken off in the last few years and this is an exciting time to be part of the group that helps organize this each year.

Street Update
Some people have asked about the plans for 5th street, what is going on with CR12 and what is happening with HW 57. Fifth street is still in the works for later in the fall. The road will be rebuilt between Mantor drive and past Bergmann. This rework is a complete rebuild of the road bed and the road itself. The trail is going to be a separate project and most likely will not occur in parallel with the new road work. The county is working on reducing the grade on 12, this involves lowering the top of the fill and additional landscaping. This work will help with winter driving, provide an improved bike path along that section of road and improve over-all safety of the HW57 12 intersection. The County is also working on an ADA compliant sidewalk along the east side of HW57. This will involve the removal the existing historic wall, reworking the original lime stone and rebuilding the wall with the original stone work.

WWTP update
The city is working with the City of Kasson and the Minnesota Pollution Control agency. Once all the permits have been granted both Kasson and Mantorville will be cleared to begin construction. Mantorville is currently planning on a fall construction for our portion of the project with flow starting possibly in January. This continues to be a developing project and I will keep everyone posted when new developments arise.

New Ice Cream truck and Hot Dog Vendor were approved by the city council and I know the Ice Cream truck is already making rounds. The City has reviewed the permits and licenses of each of these businesses and have been provided with everything needed to confirm compliance with both state laws and local ordinances.

Happy Fourth of July.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Friday, June 24, 2016

Historic Vote reaffirms British Sovereignty

23 June, 2016

The brave and bold people of England reaffirmed their support for British sovereignty and voted to leave the failed New World Order experiment know as the European Union. In an unprecedented move by the English people, England has rejected the precepts of Socialism and a over-bearing one rule boarder less governing body. In a move that is being refereed to as England Independence day, the English people have spoken and the Prime Minister will invoke Article 50 of the EU charter which
speaks to the orderly exit of a member state. We congratulate and applaud this bold action by the voice of the people to embrace the principals of freedom and an the re-establishment of an accountable government. Euro, your next!

Monday, June 20, 2016

New Ice Cream Trucks Rolls the Streets

Last week the City of Mantorville approved the permit for an Ice Cream Truck to sell ice cream within the city limits. This truck has all the needed licenses and permits. I welcome this new business in to our community.

Happy Fathers Day

June 18, 2016

I hope everyone had a great Fathers day weekend. While we celebrate fathers day once a year the real fathers day is everyday. There is no greater title that a man can be given than the title of “father”! The divine gift of a special life to guide, instruct and care for is the greatest joy a person can receive in their life. To all my fellow fathers out there, congratulations and remember to cherish, protect and relish the gift you have been given in your child.

Fifth street plans are on tract for later this year. The city will be rebuilding the road between Mantor drive and past Bergmann drive. We are going with a single pitch road (as opposed to a center crest). The new road will be placed in the current roads position and the future trail will be a separate project.

The Mantorville Economic Development Authority has received some early payments and therefore, has additional funds for the next round of revolving loans. Anyone interested in expanding their business within Mantorville or starting a new business in Mantorville is encouraged to reach out to the Mantorville EDA for additional information regarding this process.

Stage Coach Days is this next weekend. Mantorville will once again have live music including Six Mile Grove. The entire weekend is packed with events, shows and activities so be sure to check out the events and times on the Stage Coach days section of the tourism page at, or on Facebook at : The weekend will hold something fun for everyone in the family so make sure to come down and check it out. I hope to see you all down there.

In my article next week I will have more information about our Waste Water Treatment and hopefully a road work update as well.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville