Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year Week

February 29, 2016

I dated my article this month February 29 because I have always liked that date. I have always wanted to have a birthday of February 29, so all my neighbors that did have a birthday this last Monday, congratulations and Happy Birthday.

Mulligan Stew:
Every year the Mantorville Restoration Association conducts a “Mulligan Stew” and auction. This year this event will be held at the Hubble House on Thursday March 17 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm. This auction is a fund raiser for the MRA and an opportunity for some nice items to find a new life. Individuals or organizations interested in making a donation for the auction are encouraged to contact City Hall for more details. I hope to see many of our friends and neighbors at this event.

Spring is coming and so are the dreaded needed street repairs. As the frost comes out of the ground we will notice some temporary “frost boils” that will eventually lay down themselves. Spring will also bring some street issues that will need to be addressed. The City conducts an annual streets servery to evaluate the current prioritized list of street repairs and make formal plans for the coming construction season. The current top street plans include 5th street and Golf View Court. Both of these streets have experienced accelerated deterioration over the last year and will be discussed at our semi-annual retreat at the end of the month.

The Mantorville Economic Development Authority (EDA) has a vacancy. The EDA is the organization that makes recommendations to the city regarding tourism, the allocation of the Rochester Sales tax money and how to grow business within Mantorville. Anyone interested in helping the city and the EDA make these types of decisions can apply for the open seat on the EDA by filling out an application at city hall. There is also an opportunity for those that would like to help out with the planning of some of our events like Stage Coach Days. The EDA is trying to model the sub committee after what the Marigold Days Committee does and that is to have a group that is single focused on the planning of an event. For those interested in helping out with the planning of Stage Coach Days but do not want to be fully involved in the other operations of the EDA this is a great opportunity for volunteerism.

I wanted to remind everyone that the EDA does a “GEM of Mantorville” award every year during the Marigold Days celebration. While we still have significant amount of time before this presentation, anyone that knows someone that has significantly devoted their time and passion to our community that they feel is deserving of acknowledgement, is encouraged to fill out an application at City Hall for the EDA to consider.

The city is currently evaluating the process of variances as well as updating our ordinances. The Council hopes to evaluate the rationale behind some of the recent variances we have reviewed, ask the questions “What do we want to allow”, “What do we want to prevent” and how can we adopt some “considerations” into our existing ordinances. The first step is to align our current ordinances with new State Statute. While working with our legal team it was determined that the language in our ordinances were not inline with some of the new wording in State law. The second step in this process will include some of the actual policy changes. Each step will require a public hearing, these hearing will be posted and anyone interested in providing testimony to the council will have an opportunity to provide input for the council's consideration.

This year is an election year. We will choose a new president this year as well as state and local offices. It has been an honor to serve as your mayor and I plan to run again to continue to serve as your mayor. I would be honored and thrilled to once again be asked to be your mayor.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville