Friday, May 27, 2016


May 27, 2016
This past Monday was Memorial day, the day we take time to remember those that have served all of us so that we may have the freedoms, rights and lifestyle we currently enjoy. During our extra day off it is important to keep our armed forces personnel in our thoughts and prayers. The city was decorated with our flags and many of my neighbors have the Kasson-Mantorville flags flying in their yards. If you were unable to remember those that have paid the ultimate price of freedom this past weekend I encourage you to do so this week. While it is never enough to just say thank you, a heart felt “Thank You” does go a long way to mend a heart wounder by war and or separation. On behalf of the City and from myself, I extend a warm and must deserved Thank You! To all of our service personnel.

The City engineer will be at the next regular City Council meeting to discuss street repairs as well as our waste water treatment plans. We are looking at doing two street projects this year as well as the waste water treat project. The City is planning on opening bids for awarding some of the work at our June 6 “special meeting”.

The City has formed a ad-hock one time committee to expedite the review and proposed changes to our zoning and ordinances. Specifically we are looking at what a “transitional” zone is allowed to contain as well as what is allowed for accessory structures in R1 and R2 areas. Those that would like to make suggestions, have questions or would like to share an idea can send me an email, leave a post on my blog or attend a City Council meeting. After the sub committee looks at possible areas to change the work will be returned to the full council and we will have many more meeting about this and will post a public hearing notice prior to any formal adoption of any proposed change.

Finally just a reminder that the cliff is still eroding and the City and County are looking into corrective measures. I pointed out in my last article that the cliff has become even more unsafe over this past winter and that the situation has changed from what it was in the past. Please do not attempt to swing off the cliff!

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville