Friday, September 11, 2020

9-1-1 Day, We will never forget!

In 2001 terrorist flew two planes into the world trade tower. A third jet was crashed into the pentagon. Onboard a fourth jet everyday heros took matter into their own hands and stoped that jet from hitting it's target possibly the White House. Because of those action we live in a differnt world today, but they have not taken our freedoms away. We must always rember the men, women and children that lost their lives on that day. We must also honor those brave men and women that have keep us safe from similar acts ever since. We can honor all of these people by commiting ourselves to never forgetting the acts of Sept 11, 2001. If you know a police officer, a TSA worker and member of our armed services or anyone involved in our inteligence community make sure to let them know how much we all appricaite their hard work, dedication and perserverence. On behave of the City of Mantorville, thank you one and all!

Mantorville's Own Recognize by an award

Mantorville's Joe Adams has been recognized for his hard work, dedication and attention to details. Joe will be awarded the "State of MN Wastewater Operator Association Class SD Award winner of the year" later this month. I will be attending the award ceremony and will post a picture of his award afterwards. Great Job Joe, keep up the great work!

Radiator Shop / Creamery Future

 The City of Mantorville is still in the process of determining the future of the old Radiator shop. While there has been no formal decision made the City Council did approve a bid for the removal of the structure; however, the council also spoke of keeping all options open and we have directed the City Clerk to collect additional information before a final decision is made.

Mantorvile Days (In Lue of Marigold Days)

 We are still celebrating in a limited way this weekend. The following are events that are still going on this weekend.

All Weekend - 

        Larger than Life Art Display

        Garden Tour 

        Plein Aire Artist Exhibit


        6:00pm to 8:00pm - Classic Rides Drive in. Clay Street


        8:00pm - JT and the Gunslingers Live music Under the big tent.


        2:00pm - Bean Bag Tournament ($20  Fee)

        2:00pm - Field of Flags, 8th Street and Main

        8:30pm - Fireworks, Goat Island 


        1:00pm - Designer Purse Bingo, under the big tent

Come out and celebrate the last few weeks of summer.