Monday, February 26, 2018

Getting the Word Out

February 26, 2018

The City is still investigating damage to City property that occurred the night of Saturday January 27. Two City signs and a bus stop were vandalized with spray paint. Anyone with information is encouraged to inform City Hall or the Dodge County Sheriff's office.

More Cell Coverage:
AT&T has renewed their building permit and has submitted updated drawings and designs for an antenna array on top of our water tower. This will expand the cell coverage for our community and surrounding area, provide our citizens with more choice in providers and bring the City some additional revenue. This is one of the projects we have been trying to get implemented for several years and it now looks like we are going to see some action this Spring. I will keep everyone posted.

Joint Venture:
The joint ventures group that consists of the Kasson-Mantorville School District, The City of Kasson and the City of Mantorville will be installing some plaques around the area to highlight the contributions that this group makes to our community.The group has updated basketball equipment in Riverside Park as well as in Kasson, worked on a lighting project and continues to invest in park infrastructure and equipment. Look for the new plaques to start showing up soon.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville