Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Third and Fourth Streets Projects moving forward

The last few weeks have seen many setbacks and challenges with our on-going street projects. I wanted to share the latest communication we have had from the crew working on third street.

Subject: Mantorville, MN - 2019 Street & Utility Improvements project - week
of July 29th

Good Evening,

This email will serve as a notification of the work to expect within the
week for the 2019 Street & Utility Improvements project which encompasses
work within Walnut Street, 3rd Street, Clay Street and the intersections of
Clay St & 4th St and Walnut St & 4th St.

Construction items completed last week:

* All the underground utility lines have been constructed and are in

* The roadways have been constructed to aggregate base.
* Concrete curb & gutter has been constructed within the project and
concrete sidewalk work has begun.

Below are a list of Construction items scheduled to take place this week:

* Driveway and sidewalk construction will be taking place over the next
few days. Please do not drive on newly placed concrete for 7 days.
* Middle of this week, Elcor Construction will begin shaping the gravel
roadway in preparation for paving.

Please park on side roads and within the alleyway over the next week to
allow concrete driveway and roadway construction to take place.

* Paving is scheduled for the first part of next week.
* Ditch grading and restoration work to follow over the next few weeks.

This schedule is weather dependent and is subject to change.

*Reminder: Please mark garbage cans with your address and set them out near
the road the night prior to your scheduled garbage day. Elcor will bring
them to a central location to be collected and bring them back at the end of
the day.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at any time.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Gov. Walz to visit area

On June 29th I reached out to the Gov. Walz's office and asked about a State Emergency declaration. Last week a representative from Walz's administration toured the City. Last week Dodge County also submitted an official request for State and Federal consideration. Following up from these request
Governor Tim Walz will be coming to Dodge County to survey the damage to our area. I will be meeting with the Governor along with other Mayors in the area and Dodge County officials. These declaration will allow Mantorville to recover some of our flood related losses.

Volunteers available for cleanup and disposal

Local volunteers will be available the next couple of weeks helping clean up and carry out flood related debris. (mid July to end of July - specific dates and times will be updated at the end of this week). The debris that the volunteers carry out will be picked up by a local refuse hauler and will be covered under City, State and Federal dollars. Only those residents that were served by the volunteer groups will have their debris picked up over the next two weeks. You must be on the list of people that need help in order for the volunteers to assist. To be added to the list, call the Dodge County help line at (507)635-6420 and leave your name, address, best contact number and what damages you sustained as a result of the floods and what you need help with as far as removal. The volunteers will place the debris on the curb and the haulers will pick this up.

Dodge County is issuing badges that will identify legitimate volunteers so residents know they are working with an approved group. Anyone attempting to sell services or is missing a badge is not authorized and should be reported to local Law Enforcement.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dodge County Volunteer Assistance available

All Dodge County Residents: Volunteer organizations will be coming to Dodge County during the next few weeks to assist residents and communities in recovering from the flood(s). These teams will be contacting residents to find out what type of assistance they need and trying to arrange times to help out. It is important that you contact the Dodge County Hotline so your name can be put on the list. If you haven't done so already, call (507) 635-6420 and leave your name, address, best contact number and what damages you sustained as a result of the floods and what you need help with. Volunteers can only reach out to those that are on the list.

These volunteer teams will NOT try to sell you anything so if someone contacts you trying to sell you something, they are not legitimate. Report those to Law Enforcement. All volunteer teams will have identification badges indicating they are registered with Dodge County. We will post the list of groups/organizations coming to town as we are made aware.

Even if you don't need help but have sustained damage, it is important for you to contact the hotline number above so we can track all the damage. The Dodge County Assessment Teams will be out this week looking at damaged homes to get a better understanding and try to get more assistance.

Happy Belated 4th of July

With the events of the last few weeks it was easy to forget to take time to celebrate our Nations birthday. I hope everyone took time to reflect of just how lucky we are to live in this nation. I couldn't think of more appropriate words for this holiday than the lyrics of Justin Moore "Ones that didn't make it back home". Thank you to all veterans for your duty and sacrifice.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Park still unsafe

After the flooding that occurred last Friday, Riverside Park remains closed and off-limits due to unsafe and unhealthy conditions at the park. Please do not enter the park until the City is able to clean it up.
Riverside Park Playground After Flood