Thursday, May 31, 2018

Quick Trails Update

The Mantorville City Council is planning on adding a local sidewalk / trail along fifth street during our next phase of road construction. We are talking to the Mantorville Township next week and are looking for area of collaboration on a trail that will lead into Mantorville that could eventually be linked to the region Stage Coach Trail.

Annual business appreciation

Every  year the Kasson-Msantorville school district sponsors a business appreciation breakfast. This year the breakfast was held at the end of last month (April 24). Superintendent Mark Matuska shared some very interesting facts about the seventh annual event. The business within and around our community have donated around half a million dollars over the seven year history of the event. Last year alone business contributed over $160,000 to school related projects. Each year the KM students create posters to thank each business and those are displayed during the breakfast. Mantorville City Council member Ryan Christensen's class created a poster thanking the City and Mrs. Pagels class created an additional poster thanking the Mayor. I have attached a picture of these posters below.

Mrs C. Pagels Class Poster
Mr Christensen's Class Poster

Max Craft's Eagle Project

May 19, 2018
This past weekend one of the Eagle Scout from the Kasson Mantorville area was able to complete his Eagle project and organized a "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony". I had the honor of kicking off the remarks for this celebration and I wanted to share a picture from this event.
Max Craft Eagle Project dedication

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hatch Access for Water Tower

New Antennas installed
I have been asked how the new antennas get to the top of the Water Tower. The tower has a hatch just below the basin and this allows access from the outside into the final stairwell up through the center of the basin to a hatch on the top. After final work and during our inspection I will post some additional pictures from the top of the water tower.

Decommissioning Work Starts at Old WWTP

Decommissioning Activities at WWTP
May 02, 2018 : The work to remove the old equipment and facilities at the old Mantorville Waste Water Treatment Plant started on May second. The photo to the right show the crane being used to remove the old basin and fiberglass domes.