Monday, October 7, 2019

County Seat Coffee House Purchased

On Monday October 7,  I attended an ribbon cutting ceremony for the County Seat's new owners. I was asked to say a few words and I wanted to share my speech with my readers.

One of the things I really enjoy about being Mayor is the opportunity to celebrate with my neighbors. Today is truly a day to celebrate. Up north there is a saying, “you don't buy a cabin, you buy a lake” that is because you can make the cabin into something better but the real value is in the lake.

When Michelle Douk and Wa Phy purchased the County Seat from Adrianne McNiff and Kristin Alexander, they not only bought a successful business but bought into a thriving community as well.

Shortly after the new owners bought the business I had the opportunity to speak with Michelle and I was happy to hear about their plans for the business, their past experience in the restaurant industry and their obvious passion for our community. We spoke about how they plan to expand the offerings, while maintaining those items that had made it such a great success already.

Our new owners have decades of combined experience in the restaurant industry. They have a track record of running a successful Chinese restaurant in Rochester, experience working in the cost conscious corporate environment of Mayo and they understand the importance of great customer service. I know this past experience will serve them well in their new business, and will allow them to grow here in Mantorville.

Today as we cut this ribbon we celebrate both the past and the future. We celebrate the success that the County Seat has already enjoyed and we celebrate the next new chapter for this business. I would like to welcome Michelle and Wa and wish them all the happiness and success that they have hoped for and thank them for their investment into our community.

Welcome and Congratulation!
Now lets cut that ribbon.