Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2015

Recently when I wished someone a Merry Christmas, I was reminded that I should be careful and not offend someone. I could not help but think about my neighbor that I had when I was growing up.
Renata had a numeric tattoo on the inside of her left arm. This tattoo was from was from her time in a Nazi concentration camp. I couldn't help but think if anyone had the right to be very sensitive to the religious nuances in our society it was my neighbor. While I was growing up we always wished them a Merry Christmas and she would respond back with Happy Chanukah, neither of us choose to be offended by this exchange and in fact the warmth that we shared in this exchange was very much appreciated by both side. I have looked back at this exchange several time in the years that have passed and I now understand that I do not have to be ashamed of my Christian heritage especially this time of year. So in the spirit of the season and with every warmth I wish all my neighbors a very Merry Christmas and a happy and joyous new year.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Monday, November 16, 2015


November 16, 2015
Once again over the weekend we were reminded that all nations that love freedom have an enemy that is willing and able to attack at anytime. These agents of evil choose to strike so called “soft” targets because they know there will be little resistance. The people of France were violently and savagely attacked this weekend by an enemy that chooses to harm the innocent in an attempt to subdue the freedom loving world into submission. Their plan will not work! As every soldier will tell you, freedom is never free, we must remain ever vigilant. We all must resolve ourselves to be constantly on the lookout for the unusual or suspicious activity around us. When ever we are abroad or even here at home if you see something that doesn't look right tell someone. While the people of France are still recovering from these cowardly attacks, I have asked that the flag of France be flow along with our other flags at city hall for the remained of the week in a show of solidarity with the French people. Please keep the French people in your prayers this week.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The 50th Marigold Day

September 9, 2015
This weekend is the weekend that Mantorville will host the 50th annual Marigold Days celebration. This year’s event is going to be one of the best celebrations we have had in several years. While this is event is always well planned and well attended, our fiftieth year will truly be something special! The weekend will start on Thursday with quilt show registration at 4:00pm. and runs all weekend until Sunday afternoon with the final music event starting at 3:00pm.

There is a special melodrama that will be preformed this year that was written specifically for this event. Make sure to schedule time to see “Mary Goes for the Gold” or “Pick My Flowers Please” a Mantorville exclusive play.

One of the things I look forward to with many of our celebrations is the opportunity to add to the culture and identity of Mantorville. One of the more identifiable trademarks of a Mantorville celebration is the many number of us that choose to dawn “period attire” and dress the part. Please feel free to join us in promoting Mantorville with your interpretation of “period attire” from the Victorian / frontier town era.

Friday Events will include: a flower show, spaghetti supper, Field of Flags presentation and a all new melodrama. The vendors will setup Thursday and will be open for business on Friday evening.

Saturday will be a full day of events indeed. With something scheduled almost every hour Saturday will be a great day to spend in Mantorville. Make sure to stick around until after 8:30 to see a truly amazing fireworks display.

While Sunday is the last day of the celebration we still have over 14 events scheduled for the day including the Grande Parade at 1:30pm.

This year in particular we will have events for everyone. From the Fire and Rescue  dance to the Kiddie Parade. Other attractions include a fishing contest, quilt show, antiques, bingo, truck pull in Kasson, softball, car show and a kids & pet parade.
For a complete list of times and events check out the Marigold Days web page at or find more information on the event’s face book page. I will also have a copy of the event times on my blog. Make sure to print out the schedule or bring your mobile device because you are not going to want to miss out on any of our great events this year.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Council mourns one of it's own

September 02,2015

Some of you may have already heard that the Mantorville City Council lost one of it's members on Thursday, August 27. Around 7:30 council member Don Swanson passed away. Don selflessly gave of himself to help others and serve the community that he loved so dearly. Don served in our Armed Forces and on several city committees. Don's service to the city included a run for mayor, served as the council representative with the Mantorville Fire Department, the Economic Development Authority, the Dam Committee and the Mantorville Restoration Association. Don's presence will be missed during the “kiddie tractor pull” as well as during the local farmers market on Tuesdays. Don was a very kind man who's heart was always in the right place and wanted nothing more than to simply make a difference. Please keep Don's family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

In honoring Don's commitment to our nation, state and city, I have ordered the Mantorville Fire Department's flag to be flown at half mast. A mayor of a city is not accorded the ability to lower the nation's flag to half mast; therefore, I choose the fire department flag to honor Don's life and service.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marigold Days is Coming

August 12, 2015

This past weekend was Festival in the park in Kasson. I saw many of our neighbors at the events during the weekend including the parade and water wars at the FD on Sunday. It was good to see that many of us choose to celebrate with our neighbor city. Congratulation Kasson on your 150th year celebration.

Mantorville has the next big celebration coming up next month. We are going to be celebrating our 50th Marigold Days event this year and have many “extra” events planned. I am very excited about the event this year and I hope everyone plans to attend at least some portion of the weekend. Marigold Days this year will be September 12 and 13.

The Mantorville Economic Development Authority (EDA) has made it's selection for this years past and present GEM. Come down to our announcement this year and help recognize this years recipient for their dedication and service to our community. Refer to the Marigold Days Web site for complete details and listings of events. (

The city had about 20 applications for our open position for the City Works department. I wanted to thank everyone that applied, we had several great applicants and narrowing down the few individuals to interview was a challenging task. Thank you again for all that took the time to fill out an application.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thank You

July 22, 2015
Thank You Randy Carlson:
I wanted say a special thank you to Randy Carlson. Randy has been an important part of the journalism community in Dodge County. Randy has devoted his career to bringing the news and current events to the readership of the DCI. There passion and dedication will be missed. I also wanted to personally thank Randy for the opportunity to inform the citizens of Mantorville of important news via a published Mayors Article and thank you to the new owner ,Bussler Publishing, for continuing that column going forward. Thank you Randy!

Thank You Volunteers:
There are a few other thank yous I would like to acknowledge as well. Mantorville is blessed with a strong volunteer base and these volunteers make all of our celebrations possible from Stagecoach Days to Marigold Days and Old Fashioned Christmas. The volunteers working on the Marigold Days planning and events have been working extra hard for our 50th annual celebration this year. There are so many volunteers that if I tried to name them all I know I would leave some important names out. To all of our communities volunteers if you just help out with one event or if your active in many of our events and sub committees let me extend a much deserved THANK YOU! I know too often we don't say it enough but your efforts are noticed and very much appreciated! If you know of someone new to our community that would like to get involved or someone that would like to re-engage with our volunteer base please don't hesitate to have them reach out to me at MantorvilleMayor@Gmail.Com.

Thank You Students:
There is another group that deserves to be recognized. The Kasson-Mantorville school district is very blessed to have a strong and active student body. From athletic and academic achievements to community voluntarism, our students set a shinning example of the value our young adults can be to our community. Just in the last year we have had students compete in a national science contest, win a softball state title, raise money in partnership with local service based organizations, students have completed their Eagle projects and helped with housing needs by volunteering time during a housing project. I would like to thank all of the students, staff, advisors and parents that have help instill a sense of community pride and ownership in our young adults. Your efforts are why our area is strong and vibrant. One of the ways the two communities of Kasson and Mantorville have shown their appreciation for our students in by designing and installing an athletic achievement sign in both communities. The new Mantorville sign was installed last week at the location of the old faded signs on the west side of 57 on the north side of town.

The City of Mantorville is looking to fill a vacancy in our street department. The position is responsible for the maintenance of the parks, moving, taking a rotation at the city waste water treatment plant and various other responsibilities that arise out of the day-to-day operation of the city. Those individuals that would be interested in applying are encouraged to fill out an application at city hall by July 31.

The EDA is looking for nominations for the GEM of Mantorville. The deadline for submitting names is August 6th. The GEM of Mantorville recognizes an individual that has gone above and beyonds the call of duty for the city and our community. Anyone that knows of someone that they feel is deserving of this recognition is encouraged to submit the persons' name to city hall by filling out a nomination form.

The EDA is also looking to fill an open vacancy on the committee. If you have a passion for the economic health of the community, promoting tourism of just want to help make important decisions for the community feel free to submit an application at city hall.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mid Year City Update

June 15, 2015
I hope everyone had a great fourth of July. A few weeks back we celebrated stage coach days and there are still some great events coming up this summer. The city's next big celebration is Marigold Days.

Fiftieth Marigold Days:
The city is making big plans for our 50th Marigold Days celebration. We have added more music, more events and more fireworks. What started off as an informal celebration with the donation of some flower seeds has grown to be a large draw during the last few weeks of the summer. Look for more print and media ads as the dates gets closer. Make sure to mark your calendar for September 12 & 13. With a new melodrama, car show, 5K run, fishing contest, pie and ice cream social, flower show, quilt show, antique appraisals, bingo and a lot more there is something for everyone, so plan to attend our 50th Marigold Days and be sure to check out the live music. A complete list of events, times and musical groups can be found on the committees web site at

Mantorville GEM:
The Mantorville EDA is now accepting applications for individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help our community. We award a “GEM of Mantorville” award each year during Marigold Days and we choose the recipients from those names submitted for consideration. Persons interested in submitting an application and nominating a person should contact city hall and obtain a nominating form. Applications are due August 6, so that the EDA can make a selection and get the plaque made in time for presentation at Marigold Days.

Many of you have asked about the status of 5th street and Golf View Court. Both of these streets have experienced accelerated deterioration and have thus been updated in the construction priority. In both cases the sub-structure of the road has failed. Our engineering staff has evaluated the road condition and presented a plan that calls for the complete re-building of both roads. The city engineers are currently working on detail design plans for each and we will address these roads in the spring. There was not ample time to create the plans, find a construction crew and still fit the reconstruction into this season. The city staff has been informed that they should try and keep the holes patched as best they can until we can rebuilt the roads next spring.

The Mantorville Economic Development Authority (EDA) has a vacancy. The EDA is the organization that makes recommendations to the city regarding tourism, the allocation of the Rochester Sales tax money and how to grow business within Mantorville. Anyone interested in helping the city and the EDA make these types of decisions can apply for the open seat on the EDA by filling out an application at city hall.

The city and AT&T have a lease agreement that gives AT&T the right to build a small shelter to house it's electronics and to place several cellular antennas on top of our water tower. The original lease was a two year “options” lease which gives them the ability to build and install the cell “site”. AT&T has pulled a building permit however, has not yet started construction. The city received a request from AT&T to extend their two year lease option. The city has signed the extension of this agreement and the EDA as well as the Chamber of commerce are drafting a letter of support to encourage the completion of this project. When the city receives additional information regarding the construction of the cell site, we will make that information known.

Employee Evaluations:
The city evaluates all of it's employees on an annual basis. Occasionally we get feedback from sub-committee members on the performance of our staff but we only rarely receive feedback from the community. Anyone that would like to share an opportunity for improvement or a “job well done” observation may send their comments to me. I will form an aggregate community section and consider your input while the personnel committee reviews each employees performance this year. You can send email observations to MantorvilleMayor@GMail.Com.

Please feel free to visit my blog and comment on this or other articles. Check back frequently because I will post survey questions from time to time to gather input from the community. You may also send your questions or observations to my email address or as always feel free to stop me when you see me around town and share your thoughts about our community.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

Happy Fourth of July!

July 1, 2015

I wanted to say thank you to all of our volunteers that have worked so hard on the Stage Coach Days celebration. The committee has spent many hours over the past year, they have added a few events to the celebration and their effort paid off again on a well executed plan. KTTC was in town with a camera crew and had an article during the news highlighting our celebration. I hope many of you had the opportunity to see this on the news. Thank you everyone that helped out with this event! I also wanted to thank everyone that took part in our event by dressing up in period attire, this truly makes the Mantorville experience unique and this is an area I continue to get many complements on from our visitors.

During the weekend I had the opportunity to speak to many of you and some of you mentioned areas hat needs the cities attention, we will be following up on those issues and thank you for taking the time to discuss your concerns and observations with me.

This coming weekend our nation celebrates it's birthday. I hope everyone is able to enjoy the weather, watch some fireworks and celebrate our nations independence. If during this weekend you see a member of our Armed services, remember to say Thank You for it is the soldier not the poet that has given us the first amendment and it is the solder that has paid for our freedom with his blood.

During our July 4th celebration I encourage you to look up the story behind the Star Spangled Banner, the story is about incredible bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. The American forces were greatly outnumbered and out gunned and faced a determined foe. Baltimore was the next city in the British targets and the only thing in their way was Fort McHenry. The fort had a huge flag flying that could been seen for miles. While held prisoner by the British Scott Keys (the author of the Star Spangled Banner) watched the flag over the fort fly during an intense battle. What Keys did not know, watching from a distance, was the efforts of the brave soldiers to continually restore the flag during the fight. The story of Fort McHenry is just one of thousands, perhaps millions, of bravery and courage our service personnel have endured in the name of Freedom and Liberty! We as citizens owe it to them to keep these stories alive, remember their names and sacrifices and to ensure we only elect those that will honor and respect the values and principals for which we have fought for over more than 200 years. So as you watch the fireworks this fourth of July and see the “Rockets Red Glare” during the fireworks show think of the original “Rockets Red Glare” and keep all of our brave service men and women in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you again to everyone that is helping make our nation and our community a great place to live. God bless and have a great Fourth of July everyone!

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

Open for Business part 2a

Open for Business part 2a

This next weekend is stage coach days. This is the weekend that used to be called Old Tyme Days and is a great Mantorville tradition. The city is once again organizing the kiddie tractor pull as well as other fun family friendly events. I encourage everyone to come down and look around during the weekend.

In my first two parts of the open for business series I highlighted our revolving loan program and looked at some of the efforts the city and the EDA are taking to encourage new business opportunities within our community. My third part will provide details on the tax abatement program the city and EDA are offering to our business community. I have also mentioned that there were a few businesses that have started or are expanding in our community. I wanted to share some good news from one of our businesses. I was invited to a ground breaking ceremony for creative change. The Bergs are expanding their operation  with a new addition. I have attached a picture of the ground breaking ceremony.

This is just one example of how an existing business is making our community stronger by continuing to invest in our area. Help me in congratulating the Bergs on the success of growing their business and continuing to make Mantorville a great place to live and run a business. I have a few other businesses that I would like to highlight in future articles. If you have just started or expanded a business I would like to talk you about your business needs and highlight your business in a future article.

Remember that this weekend is Stagecoach days I hope everyone has an opportunity to come down and enjoy the activities and I hope to see all of you at one of the many events. Again congratulations to the Bergs.

Yours in service
Chuck Bradford

Open For Business (part 2)

                                                                                                                                          May 26, 2015

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the Memorial Day holiday this year. As I mentioned in my last article the City and the EDA are both working on trying to attract new businesses to our community as well as retain and support our existing businesses. I mentioned that the EDA has a revolving loan program and the City and EDA are setting up a tax abatement program.

I wanted to provide some additional details on our revolving loan program. The EDA has a grant that is a 51% / 49% grant match. The Mantorville EDA does not get the money until after we make a loan up to the maximum of what the grant dollars that were allocated. This means that it is in the City's best interest to make these loans so that we can increase the amount of dollars we have available to provide economic growth within our community.

We setup our program to utilize the expertise of lending professionals and then we provide additional funding at a discounted rate after we get an opinion from a lending source. We have worked with the local bank here in Mantorville extensively and they are aware of how our program works. We can work with other institutions as well.

Our standard process (yes we do make custom processes) is that we assume that the applicant applies for business funding from both a bank and the EDA. Both the bank and the city will have a “security interest” in the loan with the bank being the higher priority of the two. The bank will determine the fair market rate for the loan that the business is applying for and the EDA will set our rate around 1.5% to 2% below the banks rate. The EDA loan has a shorter term than that of the bank and also contains a final ballon payment. However, there is not a penalty for early repayment and in fact there are financial incentives for early repayment.

To qualify for these loans a business needs to meet the following criteria:
The effort needs to be a commercial project
The EDA needs to determine that the project is fiscally viable
That the plan fits within our community and the plan for our city
The project will need to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act where appropriate
The project / business needs to be located within Mantorville proper.

This is a great program and a couple of our businesses have already taken advantage of this discounted rate. In order to get more information or to start the application process you can pick up a form at city hall or talk to our local bank.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Open for Business (Part 1)

May 20, 2015

The City of Mantorville has some good news. The city has had two new businesses join our community, we created a revolving loan program and are in the process of setting up a tax abatement program. The Mantorville Economic Development Authority has already made a couple of business loans to help our businesses thrive. In addition to providing incentives to our existing businesses, the City of Mantorville has some R1 land that is actively being marketed and building permits from are up from the previous year.

In up coming articles I would like to highlight our two new businesses. I would like to welcome them to our community and once I confirm that they would like to be highlighted and get more details about their business I will include a summary.I will also include additional information about the Tax Abatement program and the requirements for applying for this tax relief. I encourage any existing or new business that is looking at expanding their business in Mantorville to speak with the EDA regarding a low interest revolving loan.

I have additional information available on my Mayors Blog located at and will occasionally conduct surveys on various topics the city is currently considering like ATV use within the city, city celebrations and business incentive offers. The city and the EDA is currently working with the University of Minnesota and a couple of other state organizations regarding plans for Riverside park and the use of the Rochester sales tax money. Keep and eye on my blog for new surveys and feel free to leave a comment once you visit my blog as well.

The City has been working with the City of Kasson on a combined waste water treatment plant. The city was hoping for a 2015 project start date. In order for the project to start, the City of Mantorville as well as The City of Kasson needs to be ready and both cities need to get the blessing on our plans from the Minnesota Pollution Control Administration. After a recent briefing we now understand that the new tentative plans are for a summer of 2016 ground breaking.

Next Monday is Memorial day, the day we take time to remember those that have served all of us so that we may have the freedoms, rights and lifestyle we have. During our extra day off it is important to keep our armed forces personnel in your thoughts and prayers. The city is decorated with our flags and many of my neighbors have the Kasson-Mantorville flags flying in their yards.

The City of Mantorville is now accepting applications for Park Board commissioners as well as EDA commissioners. Those individuals interested in serving their community on one of these sub-committees are encouraged to fill out an application at city hall. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about either one of these committees.

The weekend of the June 27th is Mantorville's annual “Stage Coach Days” (formerly “Old Tyme Days) and will take place downtown with several fun events planned throughout the weekend. If you have not attend this celebration in the past I encourage you to come down and explore some of the events and activities.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford, Mayor - City of Mantorville

I told them it would never fit....

For the What the heck photo of the week we have a winner!
Defiantly will post more info as I get it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome Mayor Johnson

February 23, 2015
The City Council has been busy working with our sub-committees looking at new ways to draw businesses to Mantorville and how to best serve our existing businesses. The EDA has worked on a Tax Abatement policy which the city has reviewed. This program will allow for some of the “city based” taxes to be phased in over time providing an incentive for businesses to locate in Mantorville. The EDA also has a revolving loan program with below market rates for new or existing businesses. Both of these programs are aimed at attracting new businesses as well as helping existing businesses grow and add additional employment opportunities within or community.

I have spoken with many of you regarding a structure within our community that many feel is a health hazard. I am happy to report that the city has been able to work through the legal system and we have addressed the issue and have had the structure demolished. This will allow the land to be built on and returned to being a viable property.

The newly elected Mayor of Kasson and I had an opportunity to meet a few weeks ago. We discussed many issues during our conversation. I was encouraged to find out that we have many similar views on some common grounds that I feel we can work together on to strengthen both communities. We each shared with the other some of the plans for each city as well and upcoming projects. Some of the items we discussed were the status of both old schools, the server project, the library, trails, Fire Department purchases and the school addition. I appreciated the time Mayor Johnson took to share his views with me and allow me to share mine. I am looking forward to a continued productive relation with the City of Kasson and congratulate Mayor Johnson on his election.

The EDA has finalized the logo that they feel best represents the city. The EDA is now asking “other groups” to provide input on the new design and we continue to look at tag lines and how the new image would be applied to various collaterals. As the City gets closer to finalizing our plans with the new identity, we will share present the complete package to the city council as well as our citizens for final approval.

Remember to travel prepared, with these wind chill levels that are predicted for the next week exposed skin can freeze extremely quickly. Drive a little more careful on the icy roads, dress warmly and remember to have some “emergency” supplies just in case you need them. Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying the snow we do have however, just make sure to keep warm.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Sunday, January 4, 2015

State of The City 2015

January 04, 2015
Happy New Years Everyone! 2014 was a busy year for the City. The city is currently looking for someone to take over our Waste Water Managers position that opened up when Dave Leth retired at the end of the year. We also hired a new part time assistant clerk and had two council members that chose to retire. The park board built the new Dog Park and AT&T took the first step in the construction process and pulled a building permit for the equipment building for the “cell tower” that will generate revenue for the city. The city completed the long awaited 7th street project as well as some drainage projects in the North West  portion of town. The City of Mantorville hosted the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) regional meeting last fall and I was able to share with the league some of our cities successes as well as hear additional ideas that we maybe able to employ here. The Mantorville EDA is currently in the final stages of our branding project, an effort that will help promote Mantorville and draw people to our community. Thanks to one of our Eagle scouts the city has a nice new flag pole display and now has a home for both our Fire Department flag as well as an Missing In Action flag, Thanks Anthony. January of last year we saw three other young men reach the rank of Eagle Scout as well, Mr. Asche, Mr. Brent and Mr. Ness, congratulations to all four of you on your achievement.

The City of Mantorville held its “AA-“ S&P rating with a note of “No Change Expected” after a review of our financial standing and account balances. Mantorville is on solid financial grounds and is poised to be in a very strong position going forward.

Keeping the promise
The City is allowed to charge up to 1% of the taxable market value of a home. If the City were to charge the entire 1%, our “advertised levy rate” would be “100%” of that 1%. In other words a house with a taxable market value of  $100,000 would be tax by the City in the amount of $1,000. In 2014 the City Council lower our rate below the rate off any of the previous three years. The City passed a “1%” levy DECREASE. The City Council chose to freeze the levy at last years rate for 2015. This means that for the last four years, Mantorville has not raised our tax rate. In order to put this figure in perspective, I have included a table below that illustrates the tax levy amounts and levy rates for the last seven years.

Tax Year
Levy Amount
Levy Rate
                                   Historical Tax Levy information for Mantorville

The City was able to freeze our tax levy for this year while at the same time finalizing plans for the large sewer project to begin.

Waste Water Treatment Project
The City is looking forward to the construction of the new waste water line between Kasson and Mantorville. This project has been in the works for several years now and the City is hopeful we can break ground this summer. More information is available on my blog in the May 6 and March 1 2013 articles. My blog is located at www.MayorBradford.BlogSpot.Com. The project is estimated to cost around $2 million dollars.

City Hall Updates
The City Hall and Fire Hall building is in need of some fixes and updates. We are currently in the process of determining what amount of work we can do internally and what work needs to be hired out. The city is planning on looking at this project for 2015, but may have to push it to 2016 depending on other pressing project needs during the construction season this year.

The Best is Yet to Come
The New Year brings new opportunities, new challenges and new friends. As we say good-bye to 2014 and hello to 2015, we are optimistic about what the future brings for the City and our citizens. We look forward to completing our planned projects and making plans for the projects that are still on the drawing board. On behalf of the City and myself, let me extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone that attended a City meeting this past year, wrote a letter to the council and provided recommendation or guidance during our decision process. Your input is more valuable than you know and we truly do appreciate your time and efforts. I also wanted to say thank you to all of our neighbors that have volunteered either in a formal way on one of our subcommittees or in an informal way on one of our projects, so much of the character of Mantorville would be very different without your contributions, THANK YOU!

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville