Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome Mayor Johnson

February 23, 2015
The City Council has been busy working with our sub-committees looking at new ways to draw businesses to Mantorville and how to best serve our existing businesses. The EDA has worked on a Tax Abatement policy which the city has reviewed. This program will allow for some of the “city based” taxes to be phased in over time providing an incentive for businesses to locate in Mantorville. The EDA also has a revolving loan program with below market rates for new or existing businesses. Both of these programs are aimed at attracting new businesses as well as helping existing businesses grow and add additional employment opportunities within or community.

I have spoken with many of you regarding a structure within our community that many feel is a health hazard. I am happy to report that the city has been able to work through the legal system and we have addressed the issue and have had the structure demolished. This will allow the land to be built on and returned to being a viable property.

The newly elected Mayor of Kasson and I had an opportunity to meet a few weeks ago. We discussed many issues during our conversation. I was encouraged to find out that we have many similar views on some common grounds that I feel we can work together on to strengthen both communities. We each shared with the other some of the plans for each city as well and upcoming projects. Some of the items we discussed were the status of both old schools, the server project, the library, trails, Fire Department purchases and the school addition. I appreciated the time Mayor Johnson took to share his views with me and allow me to share mine. I am looking forward to a continued productive relation with the City of Kasson and congratulate Mayor Johnson on his election.

The EDA has finalized the logo that they feel best represents the city. The EDA is now asking “other groups” to provide input on the new design and we continue to look at tag lines and how the new image would be applied to various collaterals. As the City gets closer to finalizing our plans with the new identity, we will share present the complete package to the city council as well as our citizens for final approval.

Remember to travel prepared, with these wind chill levels that are predicted for the next week exposed skin can freeze extremely quickly. Drive a little more careful on the icy roads, dress warmly and remember to have some “emergency” supplies just in case you need them. Don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying the snow we do have however, just make sure to keep warm.

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville