Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Update on third street for May 28

The following is a letter we got from our construction crew working on the third street loop project. I wanted to share the current plans with everyone so that they knew as much as we do as far as the project status.
Good Evening,

This email will serve as a notification of the work to expect within the week for the 2019 Street & Utility Improvements project which encompasses work within Walnut Street, 3rd Street, Clay Street and the intersections of Clay St & 4th St and Walnut St & 4th St.

Construction items completed last week:

  • Elcor Construction has in place the temporary water throughout the project.
Please avoid handling temporary water lines. 
  • Elcor has done the connection tie-in on West Street & 3rd Street, Clay Street & 4th Street and Walnut Street & 4th Street.
Traffic control signage is up and will remain in place for the remainder of the project. 
  • Sanitary Manhole and it’s connections were completed on 4th Street & Walnut Street intersection.
  • Silt Fence to protect any project runoff has been placed through the park and on the backside.
Please avoid tampering with the silt fence as this protects any runoff into the bodies of water along the park.
  • Elcor provided a temporary rock entrance on West Street & 3rd Street to ease in/out vehicular traffic.

Below are a list of Construction items scheduled to take place this week:

  • Elcor Construction (Contractor), now utilizing two crews, will perform watermain mainline work within the intersection of 4th St & Walnut Street and continue the mainline heading south from both intersections on 4th Street (Clay St & Walnut St).
    • Watermain shutdown to make connections to existing main– Impacted residents will be notified prior to shut down.
  • Storm Sewer along the way on the south side of the project is also projected to be done (scheduling tentative).

This schedule is weather dependent and is subject to change.

*Reminder: Please mark garbage cans with your address and set them out near the road the night prior to your scheduled garbage day.  Elcor will bring them to a central location to be collected and bring them back at the end of the day.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mantorville Morns the loss of Chris Bruns

The City received some bad news this week. The City lost one of our newer Firefighters, Chris Bruns, this past weekend. Mr Bruns apparently suffered a heart attack while off-duty. Mr. Bruns was added to our FD team in January of 2018. He was just 28 years old. Funeral arrangements are pending. Please keep the Bruns family in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

City votes to save covered bridge

On a 4 to 1 vote the Mantorville City Council voted to invest in the repair of our covered bridge to safe guard this historic asset. The foundation of the bridge had been under-cut and needed to be shored up.  After a meaningful discussion, the council voted for the bridge.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

River Ice Formation

This past winter, when temps drooped down to negative 30, the river had some amazing ice formations. When the temps came up from -30 to around -19 and small holes in the ice appeared in front of the dam, ice formations developed from the water shooting up out of the holes to build spires of ice. These formations were not around long and many people have told me they were not able to see them before they fell. I wanted to get this picture up so everyone could get to see these unique formations.
Zumbro River Ice Formation