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Monday, August 29, 2016

What’s up with 5th Street

August 26, 2016
5th Street Project:
In my last article I mentioned that the city was going to have 5th street milled and reclaimed by the end of that week. After I wrote that article we found out that the vendor’s milling machine was down. We have been communicating with the vendor and they are trying to find a loaner or get their machine fixed quickly. We are still looking at hopefully getting something done this week to mill 5th street back to a gravel road. This is the first step to the full project of rebuilding the entire roadbed and pavement. The bulk of the project is still expected by the end of September.

Zoning updates:
Last council meeting we started the discussions of accessory structures, adding considerations for “Bed and Breakfast” operations within the city and zoning wording changes. During the discussion on accessory structures there were some questions about where the current zone map could be found and if it would be possible to have available during these decisions. I have made a web page on my server with a link to the full size high res PDF file our current zone map. The link to this page is at: and there is a link on my blog as well. The city is not planning any changes to the zones themselves at this point, we are just trying to clarify what a “transitional zone” is and update the wording so that a transitional district is just that and not just a residential zone. The council will continue these discussions at our next council meeting on September 12th.

Happy Labor Day:
This week as Labor Day approaches, many of us are looking forward to the best time of the year. The time of the year where our precipitation is white and beautiful and we can get our snowmobiles and skis all tuned up and ready to go. Before we actually get to enjoy the nice cool temps of winter, we do have one last “summer celebration”.

This week Canada and the United States remember the contributions made by the labor movement. In 2016 we are celebrating Labor Day on the same date as the very first Labor Day (September 5th). What started in New York City in the late 1800s is now a National Holiday. Take some time to spend with your family and loved ones and celebrate the so-called “end-of-summer”. Remember too, that none of this is possible without the sacrifices and dedication of our military personnel. To all our military veterans, Thank you, and God Bless!

Yours in service,

Chuck Bradford,
Mayor - City of Mantorville

Friday, August 26, 2016

Mantorville Zoning

The council is considering some wording changes for the transitional districts.
I have received many request for a map of our current zones.
I have a page on my web site with a detailed map for review
The link to that page is: Zone Map